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Meat can be obtained by hunting wild animals. But dwarves don't eat raw meat, so it needs to be cooked.

Type Ingredient
Placeable Red Cross
Feeding Red Cross
Price Meat x 5 → 1 Coin

Meat[1] is an ingredient used to cook.

Acquiring[ | ]

It can be acquired by killing the animals below:

Animal Meat Occurrence
Sheep icon Sheep 1 Forest World/Biome
Snow World
Llama icon Llama 1 Desert World
Caterpillar icon Caterpillar 1 Underground World/Biome
Wild Boar icon Wild Boar 3 Forest World/Biome
Ice Boar icon Ice Boar 3 Snow World
Bull icon Bull 3 Desert World
Cave Beast icon Cave Beast 1 or 2 Underground World/Biome
Cave Beast icon Tamed Cave Beast 1 (30% chance) Underground World/Biome
Rat icon Rat 1 (30% chance) All worlds and biomes
Dragon icon Dragon 4 All worlds
Black Dragon icon Black Dragon 4 Underground World/Biome

Uses[ | ]

Dwarfs won't eat raw meat, so it has to be cooked with coal in a kitchen as:
Grilled Meat Grilled Meat or
Stew Stew.

References[ | ]

  1. This is the inventory name of the item. In game files it can also be called Ham.