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Mithril Ore
Mithril Ore

This incredibly strong rare metal is used to make the best weapons and equipment.

Type Raw material
Disassemblable Red Cross
Price 5 Coin
Tech needed Substance Transformation

Mithril ore is a raw resource extracted from mithril nodes, that can be melted into mithril ingots or directly used in various crafting recipes.

It is the best metal for crafting armors, weapons and tools. It's also the rarest in all worlds.

Acquiring[ | ]

Mithril nodes can be found between the volcanic and the deep volcanic earth level (the 4th and the 5th layers respectively, in the diagram at the right).

More specifically, considering the world surface is 0% and the lava level is -100%, mithril ore can be found:

Drops[ | ]

indestructible rock
Earth: 1st layer
Earth: 2nd layer
Earth: 3rd layer
Earth: 4th layer
Earth: 5th layer
Burning area
indestructible rock

Mithril ore can drop from theses creatures when slaughtered:

Special cases:

Crafting recipe[ | ]

In the Underground World and the Underground Biome only, mithril ore can be crafted at the lab with the Substance Transformation tech (tier 11).

Crafting station
Lab Lab
Ingredient(s) Qty.
Gold Ore Gold Ore 3
Silver Ore Silver Ore 1
Crafting grid
Gold Ore
Silver Ore
Gold Ore Gold Ore
Mithril Ore Mithril Ore 1

Uses[ | ]

Mithril Ingot Mithril Ingot (2 ores)

Tesla Tower Tesla Tower (1 ore)

Soul Keeper Soul Keeper (4 ores)

History[ | ]

Version Release Changes
1.3.004 27 Oct 2016 Made craftable in the Underground World and Biome.
1.0.011 12 Mar 2015 Increased the mithril blocks durability from 50 to 70.