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Multiplayer game
Multiplayer game

Opens a portal to a biome for a multiplayer game.

Type Spell
Mana cost Red Cross
Tech needed Improved Portal
This article is about the spell item. For the game mode, see: Multiplayer mode.

Multiplayer game[1] is a spell used to open the improved portal and search for a single player, cooperative or PvP expedition in a biome.

The improved portal must be crafted once, in order for this spell to become available among other spells in the inventory.

How to use[ | ]

  1. Craft the improved portal;
  2. Open the Craft Menu in the Equipment tab and place the spell in slot of the quick bar;
  3. Select the spell in the quick bar and left-click in any place in the world.

A popup window will show the following options:

  • Mode: PvP or Cooperative
  • Invite friend: yes or no
  • Biome (more than one is chooseable)

Single player[ | ]

To be sure to play a biome in single player mode:[2]

  1. Cast the spell
  2. Deselect all biomes except 1 and put it first on the list
  3. Deselect PvP and select Coop
  4. Check the "Invite friend" option
  5. Close the Steam friends popup list, and wait for the next popup:
    Enter the biome in single player mode?
  6. Click "Yes".

History[ | ]

Game version Release Changes
1.2.001 19 Dec 2015 Introduced (with Biomes).

Trivia[ | ]

  • This spell was at first designed to give access to PvP battles only. In game files there are disabled lines about a Cooperative mode[3] spell with the following description: "Opens portal to the biome in cooperative mode.".

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References[ | ]

  1. This is the inventory name of the item. In game files it appears as portal_biome , portal_pvp, BiomePortalPvp, magic_portal_biome or portal_orange.
  2. Instructions working for Steam users only and found in a Steam forum.
  3. This hidden item has the following binded names in game files: portal_biome_green, portal_coop, BiomePortalCoop, magic_portal_biome_green or portal_green.