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There is quite a variety of nests, each one having a specific creature related to it.

Giant ants nest[ | ]

Giant ants nest
Giant ants nest Giant Ant icon
Type Block
Durability Until there is at least one living beetle.
Slime Slime x5
+ 1 to 5 additional slimes

Giant ants nests[1] are found underground and spawn giant ants. They are generated at the begining of the game when the whole world's map is randomly generated. They cannot be attacked directly, but they will be destroyed after all nearby beetles have been killed.

Rats nest[ | ]

Rats nest
Rats nest Rat icon
Type Block
Durability 40 (attackable)
Wheat Wheat x5 or 10
Roots Roots x3 or 5

Rats nests[2] will spawn inside the shelter as soon as a table is placed and breed rats. This kind of nest appear at the darkests corners of the dwarf's house. And if there is no dark corner, but the shelter comfort is still lower than 50%[3], it will keep spawning in any corner.

Giant spiders nest[ | ]

Giant spiders nest
Web Giant Spider icon
Type Block
Durability 3 per web (diggable)
Web Web

Giant spiders nests are composed basically by webs and are made by spiders in all worlds, except the Underground World. Theses nests will appear in the underground after the player has reached 20% of the level's total depth.

Dragons nest[ | ]

Dragons nest
Dragon Egg Dragon icon
Type Block
Durability ?[4] (removable)
Dragon Egg Dragon Egg

Dragons nests are formed basically by one dragon egg over one block of earth floating at the lava level. They're kept by dragons.

Black dragons nest[ | ]

Black dragons nest
Black dragons nest Black Dragon icon
Type Block
Durability 100 (diggable)
Coin Coin x4 or x8
Blue Crystal Blue Crystal (20% chance)
Red Crystal Red Crystal (20% chance)
Dark Crystal Dark Crystal (20% chance)
Green Crystal Green Crystal (20% chance)
Purple Crystal Purple Crystal (20% chance)

Black dragons nest[5] are only found in the Underground World, in deep caves guarded by black dragons and, sometimes, guardians.

They're like a golden pile with some dragon eggs over it. When dug by dwarfs, the pile is indeed worth a good amount of coins, and maybe a couple of crystals, but it will never drop a dragon egg, which can only be found on the lava nests.

Flying octopuses nest[ | ]

Flying octopuses nest
Flying Octopus Nest Flying Octopus icon
Type Block
Durability 40 (attackable)
Newly laid:   nothing
Well developed:   Egg Egg x3

Flying octopuses create nests, usually on top of any ledges, specially on the floating islands.

Newly laid nests have no visible eggs, and drop nothing if destroyed. If left alone, it will develop to have eggs.

Well developed nests (with visible eggs) have a chance of spawning one flying octopus. If and when this happens the eggs disappear, and the nest goes back to its original form. Additionally, octopuses will spawn randomly on the surface periodically to maintain a constant world population.

After placing a new nest, the flying octopus will protect it with its life. If a dwarf aproach such a nest, the octopus owning the nest will fly down and engage the dwarf, allowing dwarfs to trap or kill the now-in-reach octopus.

Well developed octopus nests are tough and take a while to break, and will drop three eggs when destroyed.

References[ | ]

  1. In the game's files it's called beetle_nest.
  2. In the game's files it's called rat_chest_resources or simply rat_nest.
  3. Mentioned at the 1.3.000 update.
  4. In the game's files, it's used the parameter extract="0", the same used with scaffoldings and beware signs, meaning no effort would be necessary to remove this item. This info however doesn't fit to the in-game experience, where dragon eggs take sometime to remove.
  5. In the game's files it's called dragon_cave_nest.