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Nostradwarvus (journal entry)

A dwarf thinker who discovered the secrets of the universe and learned how to tear the fabric of space and open portals.

Attack 0.3
Walking speed 105
Climbing speed 80
Health 30
Skills Mage
Equipment File:Mythril Staff.png Mythril Staff
Icon Nostradwarvus icon
Coin Coin x 5–10

Nostradwarvus[1] is a support hero who can open portals.

Behaviour[ | ]

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Acquiring[ | ]

Nostradwarvus must be summoned by crafting and placing his hero statue in the world. For the crafting recipe, Nostradwarvus's statuette has to be purchased from Grant's Shop. Statuette prices start at 10 coins and double for every hero statuette purchased.

The hero statue should be well protected. If the statue is destroyed, Nostradwarvus is destroyed with it.

Hero statue crafting recipe[ | ]

Crafting station
Ingredient(s) Qty.
Gold Ore Gold Ore 1
Iron Ore Iron Ore 1
Silver Ore Silver Ore 1
Coal Coal 1
Glass Glass 1
Wooden Staff Wooden Staff 1
Nostradwarvus Nostradwarvus 1
Crafting grid
Iron Ore Wooden Staff
Gold Ore Nostradwarvus Silver Ore
Glass Coal
Hero Statue (Nostradwarvus) Nostradwarvus 1

Gallery[ | ]

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References[ | ]

  1. Nostradwarvus is his name in the world. In the game files he's called hero_scientist or scientist.