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They say the orcs from the dangerous caves were the first ones to use parachutes. A parachute will protect a dwarf when falling from a great height.

Types Equipment • Transport
Price 15 Coin
Tech needed Advanced Weaponry

A parachute can used by dwarfs as an acessory through the "Equip" menu.

Dwarfs lose health if they fall from heights greater than three blocks (i.e., four blocks or more between them and the ground). The parachute requires a distance of seven blocks from the ground to open. So dwarfs equiped with a parachute can fall from unlimited heights (equal or greater than seven blocks) without losing health. They will open it at the last moment, that is seven blocks before touching the ground.

Falling from a four to six blocks height will harm them, even if they're equipped with a parachute.

A parachute can be useful in case they get caught by a sand storm.

Crafting Recipe[ | ]

Crafting station
Ingredient(s) Qty.
Rope Rope 2
Needles Needles 1
Fabric Fabric 1
Leather Leather 1
Crafting grid
Needles Fabric
Rope Rope
Parachute Parachute 1