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5th Portal Part
4th Portal Part
3rd Portal Part
2nd Portal Part
1st Portal Part
Portal Base: This part must be found, but don't need to be crafted.
Portal Parts disposition. Hover mouse pointer to identify each part.
For other uses, see Portal.

Portal parts are required in order to repair the exit portal[1] in each world of the campaign. This is the only way to go to the next world.

In custom games the exit portal base will exist along with the portal parts blueprints, but they are not functional: they do not open access for a next level/world.

The five parts of the portal must be crafted and they can be crafted only after looting the recipe from Guardians in hidden rooms deep underground. Only one part can be crafted from each recipe.


Portal Recipe example1.png Portal Recipe example2.png Portal Recipe example3.png Portal Recipe example4.png Portal Recipe example5.png

The order of the ingredients is random and some of the ingredients are also random.


Steel.png Steel x3
Stone.png Stone x2
Gold Ingot.png Gold Ingot x1
Mithril Ingot.png Mithril Ingot x1
Blue Crystal.pngDark Crystal.pngGreen Crystal.pngPurple Crystal.pngRed Crystal.png Blue Crystals x2 (randomly, could be twice the same or two different crystals).


Crafting the last portal part completes the task "Repair the portal".


  1. Also called ancient portal, level portal, final portal, end portal, big, large or giant portal.