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Portal Spell
Portal Spell

Opens a portal to the stockpile. The dwarves can use it to get there and back.

Types Spell • Transport • Light source
Mana cost 2
Not to be confused with the red monsters' portal, which cannot be used by dwarfs.
Not to be confused with the portal gate, which is only acquirable at the shop.

The portal spell creates a portal to and from the base which emits light approximately equivalent to the light created by the magic light, and can be stood upon for the purposes of building, mining, collecting resources, fighting, etc. Upon entry into one end of this portal, a dwarf will appear at the other end.

Detailed operation[ | ]

When the portal spell is used, a purple portal appears at the selected location, with a corresponding portal appearing next to the initial stockpile. Above each portal is the remaining time for portal to deplete. Portals start with 3 minutes of life. Each use by a dwarf depletes this timer by 5 seconds — uses are one-directional; e.g. going to the base and back counts as two uses. When the timer reaches 0 minutes and 0 seconds, the portal closes.

If the spell is cast upon an existing portal, it replenishes that portal's time by 3 minutes. Repeated use of this technique can lead to portals with an extremely long duration.

Multiple portals can be open at one time. In this case, the time displayed over the portal at the base is the largest of the times of all open portals.

Direct control[ | ]

To go through the portal in direct control mode you should use “W” button or “Arrow up” button.

Pets[ | ]

Aside from dwarfs, among the friendly creatures, pets can use portals, while imps cannot. A pet will pass through a portal, if it's the only way to:

  • go (back to) its house
  • to reach and attack a monster that's within the radius of influence of its house.