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Potion of Resurrection
Potion of Resurrection.png

Resurrects a dead dwarf. Use it on the ghost at the inventory screen.

Type Potion
Placeable Red Cross.png
Price 5 Coin.png
Tech needed Basic Alchemy

Potion of resurrection[1] is used to bring back to the world dead dwarfs, whose souls were kept inside a soul keeper.


A sad dwarf soul.

A happy soul.

When a dwarf dies and the player hasn't any soul keeper placed, this dwarf is gone for good. However, if there is an already placed soul keeper, the dwarf's soul flows into this structure. Now, the player has 3 options:

  • Ressurect the dead dwarf using a Potion of Resurrection — the same[2] dwarf will respawn at the stockpile;
  • Dismiss the dwarf's soul — his/her soul will leave, and a new random dwarf will spawn normally, as though there was no soul keeper;
  • Let the soul waiting inside the soul keeper — in this case the population won't regrow.
The third one may be a good option if the player has no dragon eggs to craft potions of resurrection. If the dead dwarf is a useful one, with a considarable skill development, it may be fair to endure the low population cap until all ingredients are obtained, and the player be able to resurrect the dwarf.


To resurrect a dwarf:

  1. Open the "Equip menu";
  2. Scroll the dwarf pages all the way to the right till a soul shows up;
  3. Select the potion of resurrection slot, in the potions tab;
  4. Click "Use".

To dismiss a soul:

  1. Follow steps 1 and 2 above;
  2. Click the manicule icon below the soul;
    Release soul - Do you want to kick the spirit out?
  3. Click "Yes".

Crafting recipe[]

Crafting station
Lab.png Lab
Ingredient(s) Qty.
Eye.png Eye 1
Dragon Egg.png Dragon Egg 1
Zombie Brain.png Zombie Brain 1
Water.png Water 3
Bones.png Bones 2
Coal.png Coal 1
Crafting grid
Eye.png Dragon Egg.png Zombie Brain.png
Water.png Water.png Water.png
Bones.png Coal.png Bones.png
Potion of Resurrection.png Potion of Resurrection 5


Version Release Changes
1.2.001 19 Dec 2015 Introduced.


  1. This is the inventory name of the item. In game files it's called revival_potion.
  2. Same name and skill progression.