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Professional Miner
Professional Miner

Extract all minerals at one level.

  World(s) Any world
  Biome(s) None
  Conditions Campaign mode

Minerals to be extracted[ | ]

Coal Coal
Iron Ore Iron Ore
Silver Ore Silver Ore
Gold Ore Gold Ore
Mithril Ore Mithril Ore
And all not renewable crystals:
Blue Crystal Blue Crystal
Red Crystal Red Crystal
Dark Crystal Dark Crystal
Green Crystal Green Crystal
Purple Crystal Purple Crystal

Note: while digging plain earth blocks in different layers (from the soft on top to the hard volcanic on bottom), each layer has a slight possibility of dropping some minerals. These random drops are not considered to the achivement, i.e. remove earth blocks with no mineral indications is unnecessary.

Irrelevant materials[ | ]

The following items make no difference to the achievement:

Plain Earth earth blocks on any layer
Regular Stone stone blocks
Earth blocks with Roots roots
And all revewable materials appearing on top of blocks:
Quartz Quartz
Needle Crystal Needle Crystal
Pink Crystal Pink Crystal
Pink Mushroom Pink Mushroom
Grey Mushroom Grey Mushroom
Web Web

All these items may be ignored.

Tips[ | ]

Hidden stuff[ | ]

Knowing the blocks' general composition and how earth blocks can contain minerals, if the player has never used the "replace" function, all minerals to be removed at the world has a visual indication, and there is no "hidden stuff".

If the player has used the "replace" function, there is a possibility to background blocks to contain a mineral while the foreground gives no visual indication of it. If this happens, the player may try to use the replace funtion again. If some mineral was left behind, an option saying "Replace such mineral" will popup.

The better option though is never use the replace function when trying to get this achievement.

Hidden rooms[ | ]

Some stone walls and objetcs in hidden underground rooms (including the main portal room) may contain a variety of crystals. Better to remove them all.

Placing objects[ | ]

Great care when placing objects is recommended. Placing any object over a background block with mineral, thinking you'll see and remove this later is a big risk. An elevator, a pennant or even a simple ladder can make the achievement much more difficult. Extract the mineral before placing any object.