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Rats arrive periodically inside the dwarves' shelter when its comfort level leaves something to be desired. They dig holes, steal food from tables, and spoil crops.

Attack 0.1
Walking speed 50
Climbing speed 40
Health 2
Drowning time 120s
Icon Rat icon
Meat Meat (30% chance)
Leather Leather (30% chance)

Rat is a little dangerous[1] semi-hostile creature present in all worlds and biomes.

Mobility[ | ]

It can not climb walls, but can jump one block at a time, also taking advantage of ladders placed by dwarfs.

It can fall from a ten block height without being hurt.

It can pass through open doors and hatches.

Food and Crops[ | ]

Rats' nests spawn inside shelters with comfort lower than 50%.

These nests creates rats from time to time.

Rats steal food from — and only from — tables and destroy wheat fields if they have access to them.

Nest[ | ]

Rats nest
Rats nest
Type Block
Durability 40 (attackable)
Wheat Wheat x5 or 10
Roots Roots x3 or 5

Rats nests[2] will spawn inside the shelter as soon as a table is placed and breed rats. This kind of nest appear at the darkests corners of the dwarf's house. And if there is no dark corner, but the shelter comfort is still lower than 50%[3], it will keep spawning in any corner.

Pets[ | ]

DLC-SiA This section is related to the DLC Sisters in Arms.

Pets will hunt rats, eating them and leaving no loot behind.

Tips[ | ]

To avoid the harms you can:

  • Attack the nests whener they spawn.
  • Place the table and the food on it, order the dwarfs to eat (ctrl+E) and then remove the table if there is any item left over.
  • Limit their ability to spawn by increasing the shelter comfort to at least 50%. See how.
  • Place the table and the crops in areas you know the rats can't reach. Creating 2 blocks vertical gaps with no ladders (only with any background wall) will block their way.

Farming[ | ]

Rat Farm

A rat farm

In mid-game, if the player can't afford metal armors, the leather set is a good option. Rats can then provide the main resource for this. It's possible to create a rat farm to get leather. This strategy will also supply meat for food.

  1. Create a separated little shelter
(an enclosed room with a totem inside);
  1. Keep the comfort there lower than 50%;
  2. When the rats appear, kill them, but do not destroy their nest;
  3. Take the loot.

History[ | ]

Version Release Changes
1.4.004 29 Mar 2017 Fixed: rats nests sometimes spawned on a block with a bush.
1.3.004 27 Oct 2016 Rats have become less troublesome.
Their maximum population size has been reduced.
The interval between their appearances increased.
Several errors in their behavior have been fixed.
1.3.003 28 Jul 2016 Fixed bug when rats nest appears under water.
1.3.000 5 Jul 2016 Introduced.

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References[ | ]

  1. According to the bestiary classification.
  2. In the game's files it's called rat_chest_resources or simply rat_nest.
  3. Mentioned at the 1.3.000 update.