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Sand is used for construction and making glass. But be careful not to bury your dwarves in blocks of loose sand!

Types Block • Raw material
Durability 2
Placeable Tango Tick1
Price Sand x 5 → 1 Coin

Sand is a quite common resources in all worlds, and more abundant in the Desert World, where it covers the large major part of the terrain surface. It is used in crafting various recipes.

There is a task called "Collect sand" in the early game where ten blocks of sand shall be collected.

Acquiring[ | ]

Rockydirt light

Rocky Dirt Light

Sand is obtained by mining sand blocks. It is very fast dug, even with an stone pickaxe. When digging sand blocks on the terrain surface of the desert world, there is a chance for scorpions to appear.

It can also drop from from a rocky dirt light with 30% chance each block. And giant mites have 25% chance for droping sand when killed.

Behaviour[ | ]

If there is no foreground block under a tile, sand cannot be placed there, neither as back nor as foreground. And if a foreground block is removed, the sand in the foreground above it will fall in few seconds. Sand placed at the background though won't fall spontaneously. This property may be exploited at the Sand Wall strategy.

Sand may become a problem at the Underground World where Takmak will transform gradually all the terrain below him into sand, if he's not pleased enough by the gifts placed on his altar, or if no goods are placed at all.

Some plants like the desert world cactus can only grow on sand.

Leaves can grow on sand blocks placed at the background.

Uses[ | ]