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Example of a sand wall.

Sand walls act as a self defending wall for the shelter. They are created by using a stone or brick wall building block on either side of a column of sand. They are particularly useful against triggered swarms of creatures. When a creature approaches your walls it will try to attack through the shortest series of blocks. Since all levels of this wall are even it will attempt to break through the first layer it comes to. Upon breaking this layer it will quickly break through the sand and begin attacking the inner wall. Whilst it attempts to break the inner wall, the sand above will begin to crumble and the creature or creatures will become trapped and most will die instantly.

If you find that creatures do not attack your wall at the bottom, you can forget about the outer bottom-most stone block altogether.

Refilling the sand wall[ | ]

After use your sand wall will need to be refilled. To do this, add blocks of sand from the bottom up in the normal way. Leaving the top of your sand wall uncovered helps to refill the sand quickly. A good method is to utilize scaffolding. As with all front walls, the scaffolding will be immediately returned to your inventory when a front wall of sand is built over the scaffolding.

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