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The Sandbox Mode is a gameplay mode without the tech tree. Each item can be crafted from the very beginning, including the Totem and the Spells.

There is also a few decoration items that are actually not craftable in the campaign, but are in sandbox mode.

  • edit V1 all items cannot be crafted from beginning, you must 'find' them by digging/chopping. Order seems random. IE: Can craft Brick Wall, and Bricks, but cannot make the water, to make the bricks!
  • edit V2 Actually all items appear to be craftable from the beginning with a few rules.

These rules being that you have the ingredients, know the position of each ingredient, and that you have the appropriate crafting station. (i.e. to make the Wine barrel you need a barrel and 2 berries. You need to craft it at a kitchen.)

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