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Shaman's Staff
Shaman's Staff

So much magic saturates this staff that it stings the hands of those that hold it! It provides the ability to attack 4 targets simultaneously and improves the skill of the mage.

Types Weapon • Skill
Damage 25 (x 4 hits)
Range 6

The shaman's staff[1] grants a lightning attack that can chain to three additional enemies. It's the most efficient weapon to crowds of low health monsters (like plain skeletons and zombies), more even than the mithril wizard's Staff.

The shaman's staff increases the efficiency of the mage skill by 60%[2], two times more the bag of elixirs or the witch hat. Not considering the fourth hit, as a combat skill increases the final output damage (if the dwarf is using the correct type of weapon), it is possible that each lightning hit from the shaman's staff deals more damage than that coming from a mithril staff.

Acquiring[ | ]

Shaman Staff use

A mage female dwarf hitting 3 restless dwarfs and a beholder with a shaman's staff lightning chain.

This item is one of the possible rewards received after finishing and winning a pvp or a coop multiplayer battle at the Underground Biome. The winner(s) may receive none, one or two shaman's staffs when returned back from the biome to the original world.

This item is not craftable, it cannot be purchased and it is not dropped by the Altar Shaman, that uses a staff in the Underground World.

References[ | ]

  1. As it appears in the inventory. In the game files it appears as shaman_staff or ShamanStaff.
  2. Although in the game file main/data/craft_resources.xml, it shows the same value of the Bag of Elixirs (skill=mage,value=30%), testing the weapon in some mage dwarfs in-game, showed their mage skill increasing by exact 60%.