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Shelved Cabinet
Shelved Cabinet
Type Furniture
Comfort 4
Placeable Tango Tick1
Price 10 Coin
Tech needed Expert Furnishing

Game description[ | ]

Info A cabinet with shelves.
~ Craft the World Inventory

Crafting[ | ]

Recipe[ | ]

Crafting station
Workbench Workbench
Ingredient(s) Qty.
Wood Wood 4
Nails Nails 1
Planks Planks 3
Crafting grid
Wood Nails Wood
Planks Planks Planks
Wood Wood
Shelved Cabinet Shelved Cabinet 1

Old version[ | ]


The appearance of the old "cabinet".

In earlier versions of the game, this item was called simply cabinet and was smaller than the current one. All other attributes were though similar to the new shelved cabinet.