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Silver Ore
Silver Ore

Silver ore is used to make highly durable weapons and doors.[1]

Type Raw material
Disassemblable Red Cross
Price 2 Coin
Tech needed Substance Transformation

Silver ore is a raw resource extracted from silver nodes, that can be melted into silver ingots or directly used in some crafting recipes.

It is the 3rd best metal for crafting tools, weapons and armors.

Acquiring[ | ]

Silver ore can usually be found around the rocky earth (the 3rd layer in the diagram at the right).

Drops[ | ]

indestructible rock
Earth: 1st layer
Earth: 2nd layer
Earth: 3rd layer
Earth: 4th layer
Earth: 5th layer
Burning area
indestructible rock

Silver ore can drop from theses creatures when slaughtered:

Goblin icon Goblin (3% chance)
Frostling icon Frostling (3% chance)
Frostling Leader icon Frostling Leader (3% chance)
Cave Goblin icon Cave Goblin (3% chance)
Cave Goblin Warrior icon Cave Goblin Warrior (3% chance)
Giant Worm icon Giant Worm (10 ores, 50% chance)
Keeper of the Altar icon Keeper of the Altar (25 ores)

Also, dragons can drop silver armors that can be equiped or disassembled to get silver ingots and/or silver ore.

Special cases:

  • During the Halloween event, a pumpkin plant cut may drop, among other resources, 1 silver ore (25% chance).
  • In biomes, if the boost room features an ore icon when the fog of war still covers the place, the chest inside it will provide, among other resources, 15 silver ores.
  • In the Underground World, if Takmak is pleased, he may drop 10 silver ores.

Crafting recipe[ | ]

In the Underground World and the Underground Biome only, silver ore can be crafted at the lab with the Substance Transformation tech (tier 11).

Crafting station
Lab Lab
Ingredient(s) Qty.
Iron Ore Iron Ore 3
Coal Coal 1
Crafting grid
Iron Ore
Iron Ore Iron Ore
Silver Ore Silver Ore 1

Uses[ | ]

References[ | ]

  1. Despite it's in-game description, no silver ore is used in the crafting process of any door.