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Skeleton Archer
Skeleton Archer

A quite weak enemy which shoots and walks badly. But beware if you deal with a lot of them!

Attack 0.2
Range 5
Walking speed 52
Climbing speed 45
Health 1
Life regen Red Cross
Drowning time Red Cross
Icon Skeleton Archer icon
Bones Bone (50% chance)
Iron Boots Iron Boots (1% chance)

Skeleton archer[1] is a dangerous[2] and very common enemy that spawns at night from graveyards and monster portals in all worlds, except the Underground World in single player.

Attack[ | ]

As the player advances to level 13 or 14, the amount of skeleton archers coming on the raids may become very dangerous.

They can sometimes join other monster on destroying walls, but they're not good at this task.

They can shoot through open doors and hatches. And their arrows can damage and destroy defensive towers.

Mobility[ | ]

They can not climb walls, but can jump one block at a time, also taking advantage of skeletons in a shield stair position to climb higher cliffs.

They can fall from a ten block height without being hurt.

Longevity[ | ]

As any other skeleton, when the sun rises, it retreats to where it came from, either the graveyard or the monsters' portal.

Appearance[ | ]

Skeleton archers can appear with or without the hood.

Tips[ | ]

Any staff with more than one lightning hit can be a good counter to them, as it's kind of area damage allows the dwarves to kill dozens of these archers in almost no time.

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References[ | ]

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