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Skeleton with Shield
Skeleton with Shield

Skeletons with shields are resistant to ranged arrows and lightning attacks.

Attack 0.3
Walking speed 52
Climbing speed 45
Health 3
Life regen Red Cross
Drowning time Red Cross
Base armor 5 (against tesla)[1]
3 (against arrows)[2]
2 (against fireball)[3]
Icon Skeleton with Shield icon
Bones Bones (50% chance)
Skeleton's Mace Skeleton's Mace (3% chance)
Rusty Helmet Rusty Helmet (3% chance)
Coin Coin (5% chance)

The skeleton with shield[4] is a dangerous[5] hostile creature that spawns in all worlds (except the 4th) during the periodic invasions. If it encounters a two blocks (or more) height, it cannot cross, and unlike the regular melee skeleton, it won't raise its shield above its head to form the shield stair.

Nocturnal[ | ]

Skeletons only attack during the night. When the sun rises, they try to escape from sunlight, returning to the portal or to the graveyard, depending where they came from. They are not destroyed by the sun and do not burn at the sunlight like zombies. They simply become unable to attack and cannot be attacked when hit by the sun.

If they managed though to penetrate the shelter - specially underground shelters - so that the sun light can not hit them at the morning, they will remain aggressive, trying to find their way out. If there is not enough stairs for them (at least one at each two blocks), they will stay in there chasing the dwarfs.

Farm[ | ]


Skeletons spawning from gravestones at night

All sort of skeletons spawn from gravestones every night, making them able to be farmed by the player. They tend to drop quite a variety of items (see their respective infobox). They can providy very basic armor on early game, and can be a considerable source of iron on late game.

It's easy to farm them without efforts since the Advanced Construction tech is attained. One to three (depending on the level's difficulty) well placed pets will deal with the every night waves of skeletons and zombies.

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References[ | ]

  1. This probably includes all magic weapons.
  2. This probably includes arrows from towers.
  3. This probably includes fireballs from mages.
  4. Also called skeleton_shielder in game files.
  5. According to the bestiary classification.