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This substance from slugs can be used to make special lights and potions.

Type Raw material
Price Slime.png x3   →   1 Coin.png

Slime[1] is a raw material that can be acquired by killing mainly:
Slug icon.png Slugs;
Small Caterpillar icon.png Small Caterpillars; and
20px Walking Pumpkins.


It can also be acquired by killing the following creatures:

Creature #Slime.png Chance
Gargoyle icon.png Ancient Gargoyle 1 70%
Big Zombie icon.png Big Zombie 1 10%
Crookshank icon.png Crookshank 1 10%
Gargoyle icon.png Gargoyle 1 70%
Giant Thrower icon.png Giant Thrower 1 10%
Giant Worm icon.png Giant Worm 2 100%
Larva icon.png Larva 1 30%
Orc icon.png Orc 1 10%
Orc icon.png Orc Boss 1 10%
Orc Skeleton icon.png Orc Boss Skeleton 1 10%
Orc Skeleton icon.png Orc Skeleton 1 10%
Queen beetle icon.png Queen beetle 1 30%
Warrior-beetle icon.png Warrior-beetle 1 30%
Worker-beetle icon.png Worker-beetle 1 30%
Zombie Armor-Breaker icon.png Zombie Armor-Breaker 1 10%

And by destroying:
Giant Ants Nest.png Giant Ants Nest (5 to 10 slimes).


Slimes are used in the following recipes:


  1. This is the inventory name of the item. In game files it's called mucus.