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Many slugs live in dark, wet caves. They move slowly and often end up in an alchemist's cauldron or in slime torches.

Attack 0
Climbing speed 8
Health 1
Life regen Red Cross
Drowning time Red Cross
Icon Slug icon
Slime Slime

Slug[1] is a harmless[2] non-hostile creature that usually spawns in an open place where there is a diminished light level and any background block. If a slug becomes completely entrapped due to falling snow, sand, or a dwarf placing a block, it will die. They seem to die when exposed to too much sunlight (not proven), but do not die when crawling below water levels. When killed, they drop one slime.

This kind of slug appears in Forest, Snow and Desert Worlds. An equivalent, called small caterpillar populates the Underground World.

Appearance[ | ]

The slug is somehow palish red and the shell shows a lighter version of brown as earth. When a slug dies, its empty shell remains behind briefly before fading away.

Halloween[ | ]

During Halloween, slugs are replaced by walking pumpkins.

Walking pumpkin

A walking pumpkin

Useful tip[ | ]

A world can only hold a limited number of non-hostile creatures, so you should kill slugs to ensure that more sheep, wild boars and hens spawn.

History[ | ]

Version Release Changes
0.9.007 01 Dec, 2013 Slugs no more activate traps.
0.9.017 25 Feb, 2014 Slugs are crushed if a dwarf places a foreground block on their position.
0.9.030 17 June, 2014 Elixir of transfiguration was introduced.
0.9.035 19 Sept, 2014 Mages won’t use powerful spells for harmless animals like slugs.

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References[ | ]

  1. Bestiary name of the creature. In game files it is called snail, name also used by devs several times.
  2. According to the bestiary classification.