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Snow World or Ice World, also called The Land of Winter Heaven, is the second level of the campaign mode.

In this mode, the Snow World has a medium size, a mountainous topology, moderate weather events and a normal difficulty. It introduces new kind of blocks, items and creatures.

Just like other worlds, you can exit this level from the exit portal once the five parts are built.

World features[ | ]

Blocks[ | ]

Snow – this kind of blocks produces snow with a lesser chance (of 20%) to produce berries.
Snow tile

Ice – this kind of blocks produces ice.
Ice tile

These two types of blocks are especially useful for producing water, which unlike in other worlds, cannot be easily found in its liquid state.

Items[ | ]

New items can be crafted:

There is also a new kind of food:
Lard Lard

Creatures[ | ]

This world introduces new creatures: