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Star Wars

Star Wars or Craft Wars is a fan mod available on Steam.

It is, along with the Fishman's Cave mod, one of the first big mods that have been released with the 1.5.000 update.

Steam Description[ | ]

  • More than a hundred new items and building blocks.
  • Blasters and lightsabers.
  • Completely new technology tree.

Technical Data[ | ]

Creators: Bytebreaker, Iquos, Annieway

Published: 18 December, 2018

Available: 21 December, 2018

File size: 4 MB

Steam links: WorkshopDiscussionsChangelog

History[ | ]

1.006[ | ]

  • Steel bar now crafted in amount of 5 pcs. instead of 2.
  • Advanced laser cartridges now crafted in amount of 50 pcs. instead of 1.
  • At the underground world the standard technology tree has been replaced by a modified one.
  • Added recipe for coal.
  • Wall lights now need a block behind.

1.005[ | ]

  • Added iron ore recipe, which can now be crafted using a lab.
  • The tech tree has been slightly modified for faster research:
    • two technologies of cooking are combined into one,
    • technologies with a lab and ingots are placed closer to the beginning.

1.004[ | ]

  • Added ingot recipes in the technology tree to craft parts of an ancient portal.
  • Iron reserves are replenished more often and longer when new levels are reached.
  • Added Chinese localization.
  • Fixed stormtrooper armor parameters.