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An object left inside the stockpile A by a dwarf X, may be recovered immediately by a dwarf Y from the stockpile B, no matter the distance between both stockpiles.

A stockpile[1] is needed to store resources. The dwarfs start each new world with one stockpile and after reaching the engineering tech, they can make additional ones.

All resources are kept inside them, and there is no functional distinction between them while storing material.

Stockpiles need a space of 3 empty foreground blocks in a horizontal line. The 3 blocks just bellow it can be replaced by other materials, but not simply removed by digging.

Access[ | ]

Usually dwarfs access the stockpile content by passing in front of any stockpile — the initial or any of the additional ones. Each dwarf can deposit up to 5 items[2] and take only 1 item from the stockpile at a time.

Tutorial Granpa On the left you can see the resources in your stockpile.
Let's craft some tools for your dwarves.
Drag pieces of wood from the stockpile slot to the slot on the crafting table.
~ Game tutorial about the inventory and the crafting table.

Instant access[ | ]

There are some ways to avoid the trip to the stockpile.

Special items — Some items don't require the dwarfs to move to the stockpile to access them, like:

Bucket Bucket
Fishing Rod Fishing Rod
Diving Helmet Diving Helmet

Fishing Rod Dwarves get fishing rods from your stockpile by themselves when they have to catch fish.
~ Inventory's description about the fishing rod.

The equipment are accessed instantly when the dwarf need to perform certain tasks, like collect water, fish and dive. The ammunition are accessed instantly whenever the dwarf uses his/her ranged weapon. And the potions are accessed directly only by mages in combat, or when a low health dwarf approaches him/her.

Items in the equipment menu — All items available in the equipment menu are accessed immediately, without requiring the dwarfs to move to any stockpile, they will require though (excepting those above mentioned) the player to open the equipment menu and handle each item him/herself. Follow this logic all armors, weapons, tools and skill items, as well as the following potions:

Mana Elixir Mana Elixir
Elixir of Obliteration Elixir of Obliteration
Potion of Resurrection Potion of Resurrection

Direct control — Any dwarf, while being directly controlled by the player, will have instant access to any item existing in the inventory without having to move to a stockpile. It'll require the player to pick the chosen item at the quick bar to give the order, and if the wanted item isn't still in the quick bar, the player will need to open the inventory menu to move it to there. This kind of instant access unfortunately only allows to pick items from the stockpile, and never to put anything there.

Magic collect — To collect things instantly, the player have the option to use the Magic Collect magic collect spell.

Initial stockpile[ | ]

Stockpile initial

The initial stockpile.

The initial stockpile[3] is established in the center of the map, just after the world is generated and it is not removable. Usually players build their fortress around this stockpile to avoid goblins stealing items from it. Also, the player will have only this stockpile until he/she reaches tier 10 of the tech tree, which may be considered very late game; so, better to keep access to it clean and safe.

Tutorial Guy left Great job! Now wait for the resources to be carried to the stockpile.
~ Game tutorial, after a tree has been cut.

Main portal[ | ]

The initial stockpile is the connection/returning point of all Portal Spell magic portals and Portal Gate portal gates.

Improved portal[ | ]

See the main article: Improved Portal.

The initial stockpile may be upgraded to Improved Portal improved portal. It changes nothing to the stockpile mechanics, but allow the player to start a multiplayer match search.

Additional stockpile[ | ]

Additional stockpiles[4] are removable and disassemblable. In both process, removing it from where it has been placed or disassembling it at the crafting table, 1/3 of the resources used to build it will be lost.

Additional Stockpile
Additional Stockpile

Building additional stockpiles allows your dwarves to spend less time carrying items back and forth.

Type Furniture
Comfort Red Cross
Placeable Tango Tick1
Price 50 Coin
Tech needed Engineering
Size 3x1 3x1
Crafting station
Ingredient(s) Qty.
Flag Flag 1
Steel Axe Steel Axe 1
Steel Pickaxe Steel Pickaxe 1
Wooden Wall Wooden Wall 1
Workbench Workbench 1
Barrel Barrel 1
Iron Ore Iron Ore 1
Stone Stone 1
Wood Wood 1
Crafting grid
Flag Steel Axe Steel Pickaxe
Wooden Wall Workbench Barrel
Stone Iron Ore Wood
Additional Stockpile Stockpile 1

Ghost attacks[ | ]

See the main article: Ghost.

Ghost icon Ghosts will seek for any kind of stockpiles to pick items from it and throw them to the ground, making them unavailable to use. And if there is any Fossilized Gargoyle fossilized gargoyle, the ghost will throw it out. The stone piece will turn then into a Gargoyle icon gargoyle. A Totem totem may help to scare them.

History[ | ]

Version Release Changes
1.4.013 25 Dec 2017 Changed the additional stockpile recipe:
an Iron Axe iron axe and an Iron Pickaxe iron pickaxe were replaced by
an Steel Axe steel axe and an Steel Pickaxe steel pickaxe.

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References[ | ]

  1. This is the in-game name of this item. In the game's files it may receive a variety of names, depending on the type of the stockpile it's referring to. In general it'll be called Warehouse, specialy when giving it's inventory description.
  2. See the dwarfs carring capacity for details.
  3. In the game's files, the initial stockpile is called home, truemp_warehouse, players_chest, dwarf_base or main_portal.
  4. In the game's files, additional stockpiles may be called warehouse, dwarf_base_02 or home_add. Additional stockpiles built by an opponent in a multiplayer game is called in game files home_enemy.