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An ancient creature, subject to no one but the gods. To appease him, make offerings on the altar. If he deems your gifts worthy, then he will generously reward you, but if not — only the gods know what will happen to you.

Takmak[1] is a little dangerous[2] semi-hostile creature/deity of the Underground World.

He is not present in the Underground Biome, nor in the Underground World of multiplayer games.

The Altar[ | ]

The Underground World have a special altar[3] with a round light and a Keeper of the Altar nearby. Special symbols appear above the altar. Over time, these symbols form a seal. When the seal is complete, Takmak appears. The player may place items on the altar, which will change the color of the round light and the symbols over the altar, denoting a possible Takmak's reaction.

The player can place items on the altar, as he/she was serving food on a table. Items placed cannot be taken back. The maximum number of items placed is nine.

The altar cannot be destroyed and the terrain under it can't be dug.

Behavior[ | ]

When Takmak arrives, there are not 9 items placed on the altar, he'll wait some time for the player to complete the offering. When he finds 9 items placed, he smell the offerings, taking them away, and becomes pleased or enraged.

Pleased[ | ]

When he is pleased he:

Each times this happens, resources and animals are dropped, with no cap number. As for the plants, they get destroyed if they're still there when Takmak arrives, dropping wood, mushroom and resin on the ground.

Enraged[ | ]

When he is enraged he:

  • pounds the ground below, turning blocks to sand.

Each time this happens the area of changed blocks increases. Durable blocks like stone will not turn to sand.

Gone[ | ]

Takmak cannot be killed. And killing the Keeper of the Altar has no relation with the advent of Takmak. Killing him will not prevent Takmak from coming.

It is possible though to stop Takmak's visits to the world, by not placing any item on the altar twice consecutively. He will be angry, transforming blocks into sand, and won't return until the player places one more item on the altar.

Items' value[ | ]

Takmak's reaction is based on the sum of the prices (in coins on the shop) of all disposed items. Initially the total required to please him is 10 coins worth of items.[4] If there are 8 or less items, regardless of their value, he will become Enraged at the end of the offering period, as if the offering was never completed.

For example, one can give him:

8x 1 Coin + 1x 3 Coin = 11 Coin worth of items
8x planks
or 8x ropes
+ 1x pink crystal
or 1x wooden hatch
or 1x wooden helmet
= Takmak will be pleased

And as the time passes, Takmak's requirements slowly raises up to 20 coins worth of items.

At that moment, one can feed him, for example, with 3 leather chairs (7 coins each) and 6 earth or sand.

Trivia[ | ]

History[ | ]

Version Release Changes
1.1.010 29 Jun 2015 Takmak stops coming if player didn’t place anything at the altar.
When player begins placing items at the altar, Takmak arrives again.
1.1.007 21 May 2015 Introduced (with the Underground World).

References[ | ]

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