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Task Complete Cut down a Tree

Tasks in Craft the World may refer to all ordinary orders the player gives to a Dwarf, but may also allude to specific Quests listed in the Diary – in the "Tasks" section – which award the player with some bonus after have been completed. This article is designed to these specific Quests found in the Diary.

After completing a Task, a pop-up frame with this sound tells the player what they have won:

Tutorial Granpa

Some Tasks bellow do not appear — or do not appear anymore[1] — in the current Craft the World gameplay, but its records have been found in game files[2]. Even though, it's still interesting to list them here, as, when they're read orderly, they form sort of a guide for beginners. Although the game has its own tutorial, it has been a common practice for beginners just to follow these suggested quests allied with the new Tech Tree crafting path.

The Tasks that are not active in the current version of the game[3] have been set apart to the right column, with no icon specified. The active ones are preceded each by an icon, that is shown in the correspondent in-game situation.

New Tecnology:[ | ]

Task Complete Mithril Working

You must craft items to finish research this technology.

Awards: 200 XP.

When this Tech Tree was implemented, a hole pack of Tasks were created, one for each Technology available, as a requiered step before accessing more advanced crafting techniques. These Tasks were entitled New Tecnology: SOME TECNOLOGY NAME.

Note that all Tasks related to "researching a technology", awards the same 200 experience points, making a huge difference in the early game, and no difference at all in the late game. Building a Railway, in the late game, for example, may awards 256 times more XP[5].

For the required XP amount for leveling up, see Level (experience).

Available Tasks[ | ]

All Tasks available in the current gameplay award the player with some XP and 1 or 2 items. Only Tasks in the very early game, give only XP and no item at all. The XP values vary a lot from game to game. But they increase substantially in the late.

Cut down a tree[ | ]

Iron Axe

Wood is the basic construction material. Mark any tree to cut it down.

Dig a tunnel[ | ]

Iron Pickaxe

Many minerals are deep underground. Mark a downward sequence of blocks[6] to dig a tunnel.

Collect sand[ | ]


Sand is used for construction and glass manufacturing. Dig out several[7] sand blocks. Sand is very loose, so be careful not to bury the dwarves.

Collect stones[ | ]


Our future shelter will need strong stone walls that can protect against monsters. Collect some stones[8].

Complete the shelter[ | ]


Complete the shelter by putting up a totem in its center. This will scare off monsters and evil spirits. The shelter must be protected by walls on all sides, while the entrances should be covered with doors or hatches.

Find iron ore[ | ]

Iron Ore

Most instruments and weapons are produced from iron. Find an iron ore deposit[9].

Make some food[ | ]


Put some kind of food on the table, like apples. The dwarves will take the food on their own when they are hungry.

Kill 10 skeletons[ | ]


Kill 10 skeletons attacking your camp to gain some combat experience. Mark the nearest skeleton so that the dwarves attack it together.

Collect coal[ | ]


Find coal[10] deposits, which you will need to make weapons and cook food.

Cut down 30 trees[ | ]


You will need a lot of wood to build ladders and furniture. Cut down 30 trees to save up some wood.

Explore deep down[ | ]

Iron Pickaxe

Some minerals are buried at great depths. Dig a mine to explore deeper deposits.

Protect your home[ | ]

Wooden Cage

You need to protect the approaches to the shelter so that it's easier for the dwarves to defend it. Build one of the available defenses - a cage or a trap - in the monsters' path.

Make the house more comfortable[ | ]

Leather Chair

Dwarves recover more quickly in a cozy home. Improve the comfort of the shelter by placing extra pieces of furniture inside: chairs, windows, dressers, etc.

Make equipment[ | ]

Steel Helmet

Increase the personal protection of your dwarves. Make a protective helmet, jacket, or boots and put them on a dwarf.

Fortify the house[ | ]

Stone Wall

The stronger the walls of the shelter are, the harder it will be for the monsters to get through them. Replace any fragile earthen walls with stone or brick ones.

Find precious metals[ | ]

Gold Ore

To create jewelry and advanced weapons, you will need rare precious metals: silver, gold, and mithril. Dig deeper to find them.

Strengthen your arms[ | ]


Build a blacksmith's stable to forge stronger armor and weapons. Use hardened steel instead of iron.

Fishing[ | ]

Fishing Rod

Fish is a perpetual, convenient source of food. Make a fishing rod and find the nearest freshwater pond for fishing.

Farming[ | ]

Wheat Block

It's more reliable to grow your own food than to spend time searching for it. Plant wheat in the ground and water it several times. Once the wheat has grown, you will be able to gather it and use it for cooking.

Build a railway[ | ]

Railroad Switch

Carts on rails can horizontally transport dwarves through mines more quickly. Build a railroad. To place stops along the way, use railway switches.

Find a hidden room[ | ]

Compass Spell

There are many abandoned mines and rooms underground, and they can contain useful objects. Use a compass spell to point you in the direction of one of these places nearby.

Repair the portal[ | ]

Portal 5

Somewhere under the ground are the ruins of an ancient portal that opens a door between the worlds. Find the portal room and rebuild it. Block recipes will appear after you find it.

Unavailable Tasks[ | ]

Old Tasks

Tasks changed a lot as the game updated.
This is a print of 4 tasks in a 0.9.006 game version, November 2013.

Make a torch[ | ]

Dungeons are dark and full of various monsters. You have to illuminate the passages that dwarves make with torches. Make a torch and put it inside a passage.

Make a wooden hatch[ | ]

Entrance to the shelter has to be limited for the outsiders. Build a wooden hatch that would cover the entrance.

Build a ladder[ | ]

Climbing through a tunnel can be dangerous and slow without an additional support. Build a ladder and place it in a tunnel.

Build a shelter[ | ]

Start building a shelter. Dig a small cave with a vertical shaft entrance. Build a ladder in the shaft and install a hatch at the entrance.

Give a new weapon[ | ]

Give the dwarves a more powerful weapon than a knife. To do this, click on Equip and drag any weapon available from the stock to the dwarf's gear.

Make beds[ | ]

Dwarves can rest only inside the shelter. But they need beds for that. Assemble and install the beds inside the shelter.

Make a table[ | ]

When dwarves are working, they gradually become hungry. Build a table where dwarves can eat.

Feed the dwarves[ | ]

What dwarf doesn't like good food! Cook an exotic dish for your subjects in the oven.

Hunt a beast[ | ]

Animals are not only the source of food, but also of a variety of resources, such as wool. Find in the vicinity of the camp a beast and mark it as a hunting target.

Find underground resources[ | ]

Dig deeper and you will find some types of minerals. They look like specks in the usual earth blocks.

Gather water[ | ]

Water is a source for cooking and a component of many necessary objects. Make a bucket to collect water. After that, you will be able to mark water blocks for collection. Having multiple buckets will speed up the process.

Enlarge the shelter[ | ]

Increase the size of your shelter so that all dwarves would have space and beds.

Make a sword[ | ]

Make a sword from the mined iron, a main melee weapon.

Cast a spell[ | ]

It is important to help your ward when necessary. Use a spell to destroy the monsters, open a portal or grow a forest.

Shopping[ | ]

Some objects are particularly difficult to make because they require rare resources. Use dwarves store to get a rare or unique object.

Build a bridge[ | ]

Water obstacles are easier to cross by a bridge. Build a wooden or stone bridge for an easy crossing to the other side.

Underwater work[ | ]

Create a diving helmet so that dwarves could work under water and collect drowned things without compromising their health. Dwarves put on the helmets themselves when necessary. Several helmets would allow several dwarves to work under water.

Set elevator[ | ]

To speed up the vertical travel of dwarves from production areas to the storage, dig out a shaft and install an elevator on the top. Each elevator has a depth limitation.

References[ | ]

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