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Tech Tree

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This article features the Tech Tree as it appears in game. For the Tech Tree mechanics, see Tech Tree mode.
The table below shows the standard tech tree for all worlds and biomes, except the Underground World and the Lonely Mountain World.

In the in-game layout the Tech Tree progresses to the right and tiers are perceived as columns.
Here, for better displaying the content, the Tech Tree progresses to the bottom and tiers are organized by rows.

The arrows indicate that a tech unlocks (or is a requirement for) another.

To go to the wanted tier, click:

Tier 0 Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4 Tier 5 Tier 6 Tier 7 Tier 8 Tier 9 Tier 10 Tier 11
Basic Woodworking
Tier 0
Prereq Reach Level 2
Unlocks Ladder Ladder
Log Bridge Log Bridge
Wooden Hatch Wooden Hatch
Leads to Basic Armor
Basic Iron Working
Tier 0
Prereq Basic Illuminating
Unlocks Pot Pot
Lock Lock
Nails Nails
Leads to Basic Construction
Arrow left
Basic Illuminating
Tier 0
Prereq Reach Level 3
Unlocks Torch Torch
Slime Torch Slime Torch
Magic Light Magic Light
Leads to Basic Cooking
Basic Iron Working
Basic Tool Making
Tier 0
Prereq None
Unlocks Club Club
Stone Pickaxe Stone Pickaxe
Stone Axe Stone Axe
Leads to Basic Furnishing
Arrow down Arrow down Arrow down Arrow down
Basic Armor
Tier 1
Prereq Basic Woodworking
Unlocks Wooden Helmet Wooden Helmet
Wooden Armor Wooden Armor
Rope Rope
Backpack Backpack
Wooden Shield Wooden Shield
Leads to Basic Weaponry
Basic Construction
Tier 1
Prereq Basic Iron Working
Unlocks Roof of Leaves Roof of Leaves
Wooden Wall Wooden Wall
Wooden Door Wooden Door
Wooden Chest Wooden Chest
Leads to Advanced Iron Working
Basic Cooking
Tier 1
Prereq Basic Illuminating
Basic Furnishing
Unlocks Cooking Campfire Cooking Campfire
Mixed Greens Salad Mixed Greens Salad
Grilled Meat Grilled Meat
Fried Eggs Fried Eggs
Leads to Basic Processing
Arrow left
Basic Furnishing
Tier 1
Prereq Basic Tool Making
Unlocks Bed of Leaves Bed of Leaves
Wooden Table Wooden Table
Wooden Chair Wooden Chair
Leads to Basic Cooking
Advanced Woodworking
Arrow down Arrow down Arrow down Arrow down
Basic Weaponry
Tier 2
Prereq Basic Armor
Advanced Iron Working
Unlocks Wooden Staff Wooden Staff
Wooden Bow Wooden Bow
Fire Arrows Fire Arrows
Steel Club Steel Club
Horn Spell Horn Spell
Archer's Glove Archer's Glove
Living Forest Staff Living Forest Staff[1]
Leads to Basic Fortifications
Arrow left
Advanced Iron Working
Tier 2
Prereq Basic Construction
Unlocks Forge Forge
Iron Pickaxe Iron Pickaxe
Iron Axe Iron Axe
Improved Portal Improved Portal
Smithing Apron Smithing Apron
Climbing Shoes Climbing Shoes
Leads to Basic Weaponry
Basic Processing
Advanced Construction
Arrow right
Basic Processing
Tier 2
Prereq Basic Cooking
Advanced Iron Working
Unlocks Glass Glass
Clay Clay
Bottle Bottle
Oil Oil
Ink Ink[1]
Paper Paper
Ice Ice[2]
Leads to Advanced Illuminating
Advanced Woodworking
Tier 2
Prereq Basic Furnishing
Unlocks Workbench Workbench
Planks Planks
Bucket Bucket
Handsaw Handsaw
Research Library Research Library[1]
Feather (crafted) Feather[1]
Leads to Advanced Furnishing
Arrow down Arrow down Arrow down Arrow down
Basic Fortifications
Tier 3
Prereq Basic Weaponry
Unlocks Simple Fence Simple Fence
Wooden Trap Wooden Trap
Wooden Cage Wooden Cage
Wooden Spikes Wooden Spikes
Ice Spikes Ice Spikes[2]
Beware Sign Beware Sign
Leads to Advanced Construction
Arrow right
Advanced Construction
Tier 3
Prereq Advanced Iron Working
Basic Fortifications
Unlocks Shingled Roof Shingled Roof
Scaffolding Scaffolding
Wooden Bridge Wooden Bridge
Imp's House Imp's House
Frogolisk House Frogolisk House
Owlcat House Owlcat House
Round Window Round Window
Trap Trap
Leads to Basic Decorating
Advanced Illuminating
Tier 3
Prereq Basic Processing
Unlocks Wall Lamp Wall Lamp
Miner's Lamp Miner's Lamp
Lighting Stand Lighting Stand
Portable Lamp Portable Lamp
Leads to Advanced Furnishing
Advanced Processing
Arrow right
Advanced Furnishing
Tier 3
Prereq Advanced Woodworking
Advanced Illuminating
Unlocks Wooden Bed Wooden Bed
Many-tier Bed Many-tier Bed
Big Chair Big Chair
Bookshelf Bookshelf
Clay Crock Pot Clay Crock Pot
Ice Table Ice Table[2]
Leads to Expert Furnishing
Arrow down Arrow down Arrow down Arrow down
Tier 4
Prereq Basic Fortifications
Unlocks Fishing Rod Fishing Rod
Fish Stew Fish Stew
Grilled Fish Grilled Fish
Bucket of Worms Bucket of Worms
Float Float
Leads to Farming
Basic Decorating
Tier 4
Prereq Advanced Construction
Advanced Processing
Unlocks Skull Shield Skull Shield
Wall Skin Rug Wall Skin Rug
Round Mirror Round Mirror
Venetian Stucco Venetian Stucco
Wooden Wall Set Wooden Wall Set
Ice Wall Ice Wall[2]
Leads to Basic Stone Working
Arrow left
Advanced Processing
Tier 4
Prereq Advanced Illuminating
Unlocks Bricks Bricks
Fabric Fabric
Steel Steel
Dyes Dyes
Leads to Basic Decorating
Expert Furnishing
Advanced Construction
Arrow right
Expert Furnishing
Tier 4
Prereq Advanced Furnishing
Advanced Processing
Unlocks Comfortable Bed Comfortable Bed
Large Table Large Table
Shelved Cabinet Shelved Cabinet
Leather Chair Leather Chair
Potted Flowers Potted Flowers
Metal Chest Metal Chest
Leads to Advanced Armor
Arrow down Arrow down Arrow down Arrow down
Tier 5
Prereq Fishing
Basic Stone Working
Unlocks Grain Grain
Arable Land Arable Land
Mill Mill
Flour Flour
Farm Fence Farm Fence
Egg Incubator Egg Incubator[1]
Magic Forest Magic Forest
Scissors Scissors
Sieve Sieve
Leads to Advanced Cooking
Basic Stone Working
Tier 5
Prereq Basic Decorating
Unlocks Workshop Workshop
Stone Wall Stone Wall
Flowers Relief Flowers Relief
Stone Column Stone Column
Stone Bridge Stone Bridge
Black Column Black Column
Spire Spire
Leads to Expert Construction
Advanced Stone Working
Arrow right
Expert Construction
Tier 5
Prereq Advanced Processing
Basic Stone Working
Unlocks Wooden Tower Wooden Tower
Square Window Square Window
Tough Backpack Tough Backpack
Steel Ladder Steel Ladder[3]
Wooden Wheel Wooden Wheel[1]
Steel Drill Steel Drill[1]
Digging Machine Body Digging Machine Body[1]
Self-Propelled Digging Machine Digging Machine[1]
Leads to Advanced Decorating
Advanced Armor
Tier 5
Prereq Expert Furnishing
Unlocks Leather Armor Leather Armor
Leather Helmet Leather Helmet
Leather Boots Leather Boots
Steel Pickaxe Steel Pickaxe
Steel Axe Steel Axe
Quick Ladder Pack Quick Ladder Pack
Leads to Advanced Weaponry
Arrow down Arrow down Arrow down Arrow down
Advanced Cooking
Tier 6
Prereq Farming
Unlocks File:Carrots Seeds.png Carrots Seeds
Stone Kitchen Stove Stone Kitchen Stove
Bun Bun
Bread Bread
Mushroom Pies Mushroom Pies[3]
Apple Pie Apple Pie
File:Cucumber Seeds.png Cucumber Seeds
File:Potato Seeds.png Potato Seeds
File:Tomato Seeds.png Tomato Seeds
Serving Spoon Serving Spoon[4]
Leads to Basic Alchemy
Advanced Stone Working
Tier 6
Prereq Basic Stone Working
Unlocks Statue of Rorry Stoneskin Rorry Stoneskin
Gunnar Ironfist Statue Gunnar Ironfist
Fountain Fountain
Stone Wall Set Stone Wall Set
Gargoyle Statue (front) Gargoyle (front)
Gargoyle Statue (side) Gargoyle (side)
Leads to Advanced Fortifications
Advanced Decorating
Tier 6
Prereq Expert Construction
Advanced Weaponry
Unlocks Glass Vase Glass Vase
Decorative Shield Decorative Shield
Potted Palm Potted Palm
Barrel Barrel
Ice Statue Ice Statue[2]
Interior Door Interior Door
Flowerbed Flowerbed
Leads to Weaving
Arrow left
Advanced Weaponry
Tier 6
Prereq Advanced Armor
Unlocks Steel Sword Steel Sword
Longbow Longbow
Grinding Stone Grinding Stone
Fireball Fireball
Parachute Parachute
Training Dummy Training Dummy
Target Target
Magic Sphere Magic Sphere
Leads to Advanced Decorating
Expert Armor
Arrow down Arrow down Arrow down Arrow down
Basic Alchemy
Tier 7
Prereq Advanced Cooking
Unlocks Lab Lab
Health Elixir Health Elixir
Mana Elixir Mana Elixir
Imps Summon Imps Summon
Soul Keeper Soul Keeper
Potion of Resurrection Potion of Resurrection
Elixir of Obliteration Elixir of Obliteration
Anti-Lycanthropy Medicine Anti-Lycanthropy[1]
Leads to Expert Cooking
Advanced Fortifications
Tier 7
Prereq Advanced Stone Working
Unlocks Iron Trap Iron Trap
Stone Loophole Stone Loophole
Flag Flag
Iron Fence Iron Fence
Iron Cage Iron Cage
Cannon Cannon[1]
Cannonball Cannonball[1]
Leads to Master Construction
Tier 7
Prereq Advanced Decorating
Unlocks Thread Thread
Wall Carpet Wall Carpet
Black and White Pennant B&W Pennant
Textile Chair Textile Chair
Wardrobe Wardrobe
Leads to Master Furnishing
Expert Armor
Expert Armor
Tier 7
Prereq Advanced Weaponry
Unlocks Steel Armor Steel Armor
Steel Helmet Steel Helmet
Iron Boots Iron Boots
Iron Shield Iron Shield
Diving Helmet Diving Helmet
Rhino Beetle Cuirass Rhino Beetle Cuirass[1]
Rhino Beetle Helmet Rhino Beetle Helmet[1]
Rhino Beetle Boots Rhino Beetle Boots[1]
Leads to Silver Working
Arrow down Arrow down Arrow down Arrow down
Expert Cooking
Tier 8
Prereq Basic Alchemy
Master Construction
Unlocks Large Oven Large Oven
Tea Tea
Beer Beer
Wine Barrel Wine Barrel
Stew Stew
Leads to Advanced Alchemy
Arrow left
Master Construction
Tier 8
Prereq Advanced Fortifications
Unlocks Heavy Shooting Tower Heavy Shooting Tower
Iron Door Iron Door
Brick Fence Brick Fence
Lancet Window Lancet Window
Brick Wall Brick Wall
Luxurious Wall Set Luxurious Wall Set
Iron Hatch Iron Hatch
Leads to Expert Cooking
Master Furnishing
Railroad Construction
Arrow right
Master Furnishing
Tier 8
Prereq Weaving
Master Construction
Unlocks Luxury Bed Luxury Bed
Table with Tablecloth Table with Tablecloth
Glass Cabinet Glass Cabinet
Sofa Sofa
Totem Totem
Leads to Silver Working
Master Decorating
Silver Working
Tier 8
Prereq Expert Armor
Unlocks Silver Ingot Silver Ingot
Silver Helmet Silver Helmet
Silver Armor Silver Armor
Silver Boots Silver Boots
Silver Pickaxe Silver Pickaxe
Silver Axe Silver Axe
Silver Arrows Silver Arrows
Leads to Expert Weaponry
Arrow down Arrow down Arrow down Arrow down
Advanced Alchemy
Tier 9
Prereq Expert Cooking
Unlocks Magic Shooting Range Magic Shooting Range
Elixir of Fire Elixir of Fire
Rain or Snow Rain or Snow
Magic Collect Magic Collect
Bag of Elixirs Bag of Elixirs
Leads to Master Alchemy
Railroad Construction
Tier 9
Prereq Master Construction
Unlocks Metal Wheel Metal Wheel
Cart Cart
Rails Rails
Coal Coal
Advanced Digging Machine Adv. Digging Machine[1]
Crystal Drill Crystal Drill[1]
Large Steel Wheel Large Steel Wheel[1]
Leads to Engineering
Master Decorating
Tier 9
Prereq Master Furnishing
Unlocks Portrait Portrait
Caged Bird Caged Bird
Cuckoo Clock Cuckoo Clock
Pendulum Clock Pendulum Clock
Landscape Painting Landscape Painting
Leads to Luxury Decorating
Expert Weaponry
Tier 9
Prereq Silver Working
Unlocks Silver Sword Silver Sword
Wizard's Staff Wizard's Staff
Flamethrower Flamethrower[1]
Thunderbolt Bow Thunderbolt Bow[1]
Mechanical Training Dummy Mech. Train. Dummy
Shooting Range Shooting Range
Forge Fire Cartridges Forge Fire Cartridges[1]
Lightning Ball Cartridge Lightning Ball Cartridge[1]
Leads to Gold Working
Arrow down Arrow down Arrow down Arrow down
Master Alchemy
Tier 10
Prereq Advanced Alchemy
Unlocks Magic Explosion Magic Explosion
Elixir of Ice Arrow Elixir of Ice Arrow
Elixir of Transfiguration Elixir of Transfiguration
Compass Spell Compass Spell
Leads to Red Cross
Arrow left
Tier 10
Prereq Railroad Construction
Luxury Decorating
Unlocks Steel Door Steel Door
Elevator Elevator
Tesla Tower Tesla Tower
Additional Stockpile Stockpile
Mechanized Catapult Mechanized Catapult
Leads to Master Alchemy
Master Weaponry
Luxury Decorating
Tier 10
Prereq Master Decorating
Gold Working
Unlocks Stained Glass Window Stained Glass Window
Small Chandelier Small Chandelier
Aquarium Aquarium
Lantern Lantern
Decorative Mirror Decorative Mirror
Leads to Red Cross
Arrow left
Gold Working
Tier 10
Prereq Expert Weaponry
Unlocks Gold Ingot Gold Ingot
Yatagan Yatagan
Gold Armor Gold Armor
Golden Helmet Golden Helmet
Golden Boots Golden Boots
Golden Shield Golden Shield
Leads to Luxury Decorating
Arrow down
Master Weaponry
Tier 11
Prereq Mithril Working
Unlocks Mithril Sword Mithril Sword
Mithril Hammer Mithril Hammer
Mithril Wizard's Staff Mithril Wizard's Staff
Fire Whip Staff Fire Whip Staff[1]
Heavy Bow Heavy Bow
Leads to Red Cross
Arrow left
Mithril Working
Tier 11
Prereq Master Alchemy
Unlocks Mithril Ingot Mithril Ingot
Mithril Axe Mithril Axe
Mithril Pickaxe Mithril Pickaxe
Leads to Master Weaponry
Master Armor
Arrow right
Master Armor
Tier 11
Prereq Mithril Working
Unlocks Mithril Armor Mithril Armor
Mithril Helmet Mithril Helmet
Mithril Boots Mithril Boots
Leads to Red Cross

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