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Technology Tree2
For the grid of all technologies, see Tech Tree.

Tech tree mode is an alternate "tech mode" to the sandbox, both in single and multiplayer custom games, where techs must be researched to unlock more advanced ones; and it is the pre-set tech mode along the entire campaign.

In this mode, all techs are organized in a Tech Tree window (image at the right), which can be accessed by clicking on the tech tree button (image below).

Research progress[ | ]

Tech Tree
Recipe area tech tree advance

The crafting area.

Researching a technology is accomplished by crafting or disassembling the different items available in it.

The research progress of each tech is show as a percentual bar. Each crafted or dismantled item provides a short advance to progress bar. One item can be crafted or dismantled more than once, but will provide a more diminishing progress each time it's done.

The progress made is shown by the green portion of the bar. And yellow portion shows how much an item will add to the progress bar if it's crafted. Items ordered to be crafted in crafting stations but not crafted yet are also show in the yellow portion.

This technological advance can be tracked in two places:

  • the tech tree window; and
  • the crafting area.

Locked / unlocked[ | ]

In the crafting area, fully researched techs show an entirely green bar.

In the tech tree window, only techs being researched display the bar; and the unlocking progress is represented by the background color and a small icon on the top right, respectively meaning:

Basic furnishing Ongoing technology research Complete technology research
Brown BG + Lock icon:
locked technology research
Orange BG + Flask icon:
ongoing technology development
Green BG + Check icon:
complete technology research

When starting a game in tech tree mode, all techs are locked, except:Basic Tool Making (the only starting tech);

And are unlocked by researching prerequisite technologies, except:Basic Woodworking (available after reaching level 2); and
Basic Illuminating (available after reaching level 3).

Campaign[ | ]

In the campaign mode, each new world begins with a more large portion of the tech tree unlocked.

World \ Tier 0 1 2 3 4 5
Forest Locked* Locked Locked Locked Locked Locked
Snow Tango Tick1 Tango Tick1 Locked Locked Locked Locked
Desert Tango Tick1 Tango Tick1 Tango Tick1 Tango Tick1 Locked Locked
Underground** Tango Tick1 Tango Tick1 Tango Tick1 Tango Tick1 Tango Tick1 Tango Tick1

* Except Basic Tool Making, the only unlocked tech.
** Specific tech tree, which includes Local Cuisine in tier 3, and Chitin Processing and Advanced Armor in tier 5.

History[ | ]

Game version Release Changes
0.9.003 22 Nov 2013 Fixed bug: an item disappears from the crafting table when technology tree opens (task completed)
0.9.007 01 Dec 2013 Tech tree mode becomes an option. Sandbox mode is introduced.
0.9.008 10 Dec 2013 Technology tree fits in screens with lower resolutions.
0.9.016 24 Feb 2014 Added new technology tree with items grouped by techs. In the custom game mode one may choose either new or old tree, or play game without tech tree (sandbox). In campaign mode only the new tech tree can be used.
0.9.018 05 Mar 2014 Fixed bug with tech tree while opening new planet – new specific recipes wasn’t added into the tree.
0.9.023 11 Apr 2014 Item names shown for inactive technologies in the tech tree.
0.9.032 18 July 2014 Few changes at the tech tree.
1.0.011 12 Mar 2015 Fixed bug with tech progress calculation when using autofilling the craft table.
Few changes in the tech tree structure for better investigation.
1.1.002b Mar 2015 Fixed incorrect view of tech tree after loading of previous worlds.
1.1.007 21 May 2015 Underground World introduced with its own tech tree.
Small changes in the tech tree for old worlds - added several items from 4th world, luxury decorating technology was disconnected from others.
1.1.008 27 May 2015 Elixir of obliteration was placed earlier in the tech tree and compass spell was placed further.
Fixed order of technologies for the tech trees in different worlds.
1.2.010 26 Jun 2016 Fixed cases of discrepancy of a Tech Tree with the current world.
1.3.000 5 Jul 2016 Wooden stuff available earlier in the tech tree.
1.3.004 27 Oct 2016 At the start of a new level in campaign mode, a huge part of the tech tree becomes initially available with each new planet.
1.4.000 21 Mar 2017 The tech tree becomes partially open more and more from the very beginning of each level in campaign.
Deleted some links limiting access to weapon technologies by interior technologies.

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