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Template used to display a infobox on creature's pages. See an example.

Copy/paste code

{{Creature infobox
| desc = 
| attack = 
| speed = 
| run = 
| climb = 
| fly = 
| swim = 
| health = 
| lregen =
| drowntime =
| armor = 
| drops = 


  • Everything is optional.
  • The "name" will always be displayed as the table title, taking the value automatically from the PAGENAME.
  • The "image" will always be displayed. If the creature hasn't an already uploaded image, a red link will show up.
  • You can add the lines | name = and | image =. Fill these values if the PAGENAME macro is not adequate.
  • "desc" is the bestiary description of the creature.
  • "lregen" is the life regeneration rate.
  • "drowntime" is the time in seconds for the creature to die underwater. If the creature does not lose health underwater, fill this with | name =.
  • The "icon" value will always be displayed.
  • If the creature has no icon associated, add a line with this expression: | icon = {{no}}. A Red Cross.png will appear instead of the red link.
  • Fill "drops" field following this standard:
{{ii|ITEM NAME|l|t}} for items with 100% chance to drop; and
{{ii|ITEM NAME|l|t}} (#% chance) for item with less than 100% chance to drop.
write all drops in a same line separating them with <br> tags.