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This template is used to create infoboxes to all the game items, blocks and structures.

Copy/paste code

This code should contain everything you need, just copy/paste it, and delete unused attributes (depending on the item).

{{item infobox
| desc = 
| type = 
| armor = 
| agility = 
| damage = 
| hitRate = 
| accuracy = 
| range = 
| lumbering = 
| mining = 
| comfort = 
| durability = 
| placeable = 
| mana = 
| mheal = 
| mregen = 
| hheal = 
| feeding = 
| effectTime = 
| price = 
| drops = 
| droppedBy = 
| tech = 
| size = 


  • Everything is optional, except the type attribute.
  • You can add type2 and type3 attributes. See an example.
  • You can add a name and image1. Fill these values if the PAGENAME macro is not adequate (if the page name has a disambig qualifier for example).
  • You can add a second image with a image2 attribute. See an example.
  • You can use imgWidth to reduce the image size, in case the original size is too big for the infobox. Never use this parameter to increase the image, as it will result in a poor quality/low resolution image being displayed. The default is the original image size.
  • desc is the inventory item description.
  • Fill the placeable attribute with {{Yes}} and {{No}} templates, for better rendering.
  • hheal and mheal are respectively the amount of health or mana that will be regained from this item.
  • mregen is similar to "mheal" but used for the regeneration of mana points per minute.
  • effectTime is the length/duration of the buffs mentioned by other parameters (like agility).
  • Use drops to list the dropping resources from dug blocks, destroyed structures, or killed monsters.
  • Use droppedBy to list the creatures or structures that may drop that item when killed or destroyed.
  • tech is the name of the tech that unlocks the item.
  • price is the price per unit in the Goblin Shop (total price divided by the number of item bought).
  • Use hitRate for some melee weapons with a Hit Rate Bonus.
  • Do not use any link format, every link needed will be automatically transformed (such as the tech name).
  • The size of the structure (like crafting stations) should be typed with any combination between 1x1 and 6x6.


{{item infobox
| name = Leather Boots
| desc = The most common dwarven footwear.
| type = Armor
| armor = {{Pv|5}}
| agility = {{Nv|-1%}}
| price = 3
| tech = Advanced Armor
Leather Boots
Leather Boots.png

The most common dwarven footwear.

Type Armor
Armor 5
Agility -1%
Price 3 Coin.png
Tech needed Advanced Armor