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Type Furniture
Comfort It measures the overall comfort of a shelter.
Placeable Tango Tick1.png
Price 15 Coin.png
Tech needed Master Furnishing
Size 1x2 1x2

The totem is used to mark the area which is intended to become a shelter. A new totem will be gifted to the player at level 2, 7, 12 and 17. It can also be bought from the shop, and can be crafted once you have researched master furnishing.

The totem will periodically drive away ghosts, preventing them from trashing your stockpile, and is required to build a shelter.


See the main article: Shelter.

The totem's area of effect can vary between 10 and 20 squares. The numbers in each cell indicate its range from the central totem.

Tiles will count as lying within a shelter if they meet both conditions below:

  1. The tile is in an enclosed area containing a totem. Enclosed areas must have back walls or windows, and not be exposed to open air. Solid blocks, doors, or hatches, can all help enclose an area even if they are physically distant.
  2. The tile is within range of the totem. The range of the totem appears to vary between 10 and 20 squares depending on the comfort level of the shelter.

A streak of stars will outline the area the totem has made a shelter. If the shelter is incomplete, the totem will try and mark broken walls with stars but won't mark things like a stockpile or misplaced structures.

Totem's mood[]

The totem's orb color and mood (facial expression) vary depending on the overall comfort level of the shelter. This affects a dwarf's recovery rate when sleeping on beds.

Mood[1] Comfort Color Face Dwarf regen rate
Angry No (0%) red
brutally angry every 24 seconds[2]
Sad Poor (1-14%) red
angry every ~7 seconds
Neutral Moderate (15-29%) dark yellow
content every 5 seconds
Average (30-49%) yellow
satisfied every 4 seconds
Smile Good (50-69%) yellowish green
happy every 3 seconds
Happy Excellent (70-100%) green
bouncing and laughing every 2 seconds

Crafting recipe[]

Crafting station
Ingredient(s) Qty.
Gold Ore.png Gold Ore 3
Silver Ore.png Silver Ore 1
Planks.png Planks 3
Crafting grid
Gold Ore.png
Gold Ore.png Silver Ore.png Gold Ore.png
Planks.png Planks.png Planks.png
Totem.png Totem 1


  1. This classification is found in the game's file /main/data/items.xml.
  2. Sleeping on the floor (since v.1.4.010).