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The Underground World is the fourth level in Craft the World. The difficulty is set to hard in campaign. It consists mostly of earth and stone blocks, along with some sand. The weather type is rain, which provides water and lakes on the surface. A new rock called sulfur can be used to make gunpowder for guns and ammo. The underground is very deep.

World Features[ | ]

Creatures[ | ]

The Underground World features new animals and monsters.

Caterpillar icon Caterpillar (equivalent of the Sheep / Llama)
Cave Beast icon Cave Beast (equivalent of the Wild Boar / Bull / Ice Boar)
Flying Octopus icon Flying Octopus (equivalent to the Hen / Ice Bird / Blue Bird for drops, but also flies and attacks)
Small Caterpillar icon Small Caterpillar (equivalent of the Slug)


Two creatures that spawns in other worlds, do not appear in the Underground World: the Giant Spider and the Giant Worm.

Technologies and Items[ | ]

The Underground World also features completely new technologies, each of them with its items.

Lead Rain
Tier 12
Prereq Master Weaponry
Unlocks High-Powered Rifle High-Powered Rifle
Incendiary Ammo Incendiary Ammo
Leads to Red Cross

Some items were added to already existing technologies:
Steel Ladder Steel Ladder to Expert Construction
Mushroom Pies Mushroom Pies to Advanced Cooking
Steel Wall Steel Wall to Master Construction (replacing the Brick Wall, which was moved to Advanced Fortifications)
Rifle Rifle and Steel Ammo Steel Ammo to Expert Weaponry

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