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Weapons are used by dwarfs while fighting or hunting. There are two kinds of weapons: melee and distance.


Some melee weapons come with a inherent hit rate bonus; mostly swords and spears. It's exact values aren't visible for players inside the game. Algthough it is noticeable that some weapons make dwarfs hit faster than others. A great example of this disparity is the Mithril Sword with a speed bonus of +200% and the Mithril Hammer with no bonus at all.

Item Damage Hit Rate Acquired by Restricted to
Stone Knife.png Stone Knife 10 x 1,5
Club.png Club 15 x 1,5 crafting, drop: Big Yeti
Steel Club.png Steel Club 20 x 1,0 crafting
Steel Sword.png Steel Sword 25 x 1,5 crafting
Silver Sword.png Silver Sword 35 x 2,0 crafting
Yatagan.png Yatagan 40 x 2,0 crafting
Mithril Hammer.png Mithril Hammer 45 x 1,0 crafting
Mithril Sword.png Mithril Sword 45 x 3,0 crafting
Goblin Spear.png Goblin Spear 20 x 1,0 drop: Goblin world: Forest
Frostling Spear.png Frostling Spear 20 x 1,0 drop: Frostling Leader world: Snow
Skeleton's Rusty Mace.png Skeleton's Rusty Mace 17 x 1,0 drop: Skeleton
Skeleton's Mace.png Skeleton's Mace 17 x 1,0 drop: Skeleton with Shield
Skeleton's Saber.png Skeleton's Saber 17 x 1,0 drop: Skeleton, Skeleton Builder
Mummy's Saber.png Mummy's Saber 17 x 1,0 drop: King Mummy world: Desert
Cave Goblin Spear.png Cave Goblin Spear 23 x 1,0
Cave Goblin Worn-Out Saber.png Cave Goblin Worn-Out Saber 20 x 1,5 drop: Cave Goblin Warrior world: Underground
Cave Goblin Saber.png Cave Goblin Saber 25 x 1,5 drop: Cave Goblin Warrior world: Underground
Cave Goblin Excellent Saber.png Cave Goblin Excellent Saber 40 x 1,5 drop: Cave Goblin Warrior world: Underground
Dark Lord Servant’s halberd.png Dark Lord Servant’s halberd 30 x 1,0 reward biome: Forest[1]
Sword of the Dark Lord.png Sword of the Dark Lord 30 x 1,0 reward biome: Forest[1]
Burning Iron Sword.png Burning Iron Sword 35* x 1,0 drop: Rune door
Freezing Iron Sword.png Freezing Iron Sword 35* x 1,0 drop: Rune door
Dragon Warrior's Sword.png Dragon Warrior's Sword 40 x 2,0 Lunar New Year
Funny Skeleton Mace.png Funny Skeleton Mace 48 x 1,0 Halloween


Bows and firearms[]

Item Damage Accuracy Range Acquired by Restricted to
Wooden Bow.png Wooden Bow 20 70% 3 crafting
Frostling Bow.png Frostling Bow 25 50% 3 drop: Frostling world: Snow
Longbow.png Longbow 30 60% 4 crafting
Heavy Bow.png Heavy Bow 43 50% 5 crafting
Thunderbolt Bow.png Thunderbolt Bow 40 100% 6 secret ingredient + crafting DLC: Bosses & Monsters
Flamethrower.png Flamethrower 10 100% 3 secret ingredient + crafting DLC: Bosses & Monsters
Worlds + biome: Underground
Pistol.png Pistol 20 85% 3 crafting world: Underground
Rifle.png Rifle 30 70% 4 crafting world: Underground
High-Powered Rifle.png High-Powered Rifle 50 60% 5 crafting world: Underground


Enabled ammo.png

According to the type of ranged weapons dwarfs are equipped with—bows, electric bow, flamethrower or guns—they will automatically select the related kind of ammo: arrows, electric charges, fuels or bullets, respectively. Each type of weapon has a default basic unlimited ammo (infinity symbol), so dwarfs can shoot at will as soon as they're armed. This basic ammo is always "enabled" (green check) in the "Equip" menu for dwarfs using a related ranged weapon.

For the purpose of increasing the damage applied, special ammo can be crafted and used on most critical battles. These items have to be crafted individually on crafting stations and carried to the stock for then become available in the "Equip" menu, where they can be enabled/disabled for each dwarf separately. They are disabled by default for all dwarfs. But equipping a dwarf with a (new) ranged weapon automatically enables all types of special ammo related to that (new) weapon and already existing in the stock. When more than one type of ammo is enabled for a dwarf, the most effective will be used first.

Item Damage Acquired by
Simple Arrows.png Simple Arrows +0
Fire Arrows.png Fire Arrows +20 crafting
Silver Arrows.png Silver Arrows +40 crafting
Lightning Arrow.png Lightning Arrow +30
Lightning Ball Cartridge.png Lightning Ball Cartridge +50 crafting
Flamethrower Cartridges.png Flamethrower Cartridges +10
Forge Fire Cartridges.png Forge Fire Cartridges +20 crafting
Simple Ammo.png Simple Ammo +0
Steel Ammo.png Steel Ammo +30 crafting
Incendiary Ammo.png Incendiary Ammo +50 crafting


Item Damage Range Hits Acquired by Restricted to
Wooden Staff.png Wooden Staff 10 4 1 crafting
Fire Whip Staff.png Fire Whip Staff 20 5 1 crafting ?
Wizard's Staff.png Wizard's Staff 20 5 2 crafting
Mithril Wizard's Staff.png Mithril Wizard's Staff 30 6 3 crafting
Living Forest Staff.png Living Forest Staff 15
summon ticks
5 3 secret ingredient + crafting DLC: Bosses & Monsters
world: Forest
Shaman's Staff.png Shaman's Staff 25 6 4 reward biome: Underground[1]


  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 After being rewarded with this item when completing its respective biome, it can be used in all worlds.