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Hard to believe, but that terrifying monster is a dwarf! Its just under the spell of the red moon. We need to brew an antidote and heal the poor thing! Or we could continue to exploit its strength...

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A were-dwarf[1] is a dwarf who has become infected with the lycanthropy disease though combat with a cursed wolf.

Behaviour[ | ]

At the start of any given night, a dwarf infected with lycanthropy has a chance to turn into a beast. The player retains a modicum of control over were-dwarfs, but they won't attempt to fulfill task orders, they won't respond to orders to sleep or eat, and the option to puppeteer them is removed. Were-dwarfs will occasionally get in fights with one other and also kill captured animals. They do remain completely friendly towards their uninfected fellows and will even help defend the team.

Their stats are replaced with 0 defence and 40 attack, regardless of what they have equipped, and their skills are replaced with Lycanthropy until they turn back to a dwarf at daytime.

Appearance[ | ]

Were-dwarfs are about 1.5× as tall as a regular dwarf, and other than red skin and upright posture they appear completely wolf-like. Their equipment is not shown.

Dwarfs who are at least partly infected have a red werewolf icon at the top centre of their equipment page denoting how completely infected they are.

Bugs[ | ]

  • Attempting to puppeteer a were-dwarf using shift + left click crashes the game.

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References[ | ]

  1. Were-dwarf is the creature's name in the world. In the game files its called werewolf.