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Wild Boar
Wild Boar

These dangerous creatures are a source of meat, as well as skin, which can be used to make items and armor.

Attack 0.15
Walking speed 90
Climbing speed 10
Health 10
Icon Wild Boar icon
Meat Meat x 3
Leather Leather x 2
Bones Bones x 2

A wild boar[1] is a semi-hostile creature that spawns above ground in the Forest World, and the primary source for leather in that world.

Even though the boar has low attack damage, it can attack four times faster than a dwarf, making it impossible to hunt with a single dwarf with low-tier gear. Boars tend to follow the player when provoked, and stops whenever there is a long body of water ( at least 2 blocks vertically ). They are the main source of leather and meat, and tend to drop some bones.

Characteristics[ | ]

Boars have tanned brown skin ( also called leather ) and have an extra patch of skin at the top with a darker color. They also have tusks and make the sound of a pig. When it dies, it tends to drop it's own body.

See also[ | ]

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References[ | ]

  1. Wild Boar is the animal's name in the in-game Bestiary. In the game files it is boar, pig or yak.