Wild Boar
Wild Boar.png
Attack 0.15
Walking speed 90
Climbing speed 10
Health 300
Icon Wild Boar icon.png
3x Meat
2x Leather
2x Bones

"These dangerous creatures are a source of meat, as well as skin, which can be used to make items and armor." - Craft the World Bestiary

A Boar is a non-hostile creature/mob that spawns above ground, but becomes hostile when provoked. Even though the boar has low attack damage, it can attack four times faster than a Dwarf, making it impossible to hunt with a single Dwarf with low-tier gear. Boars tend to follow the player when provoked, and stops whenever there is a long body of water ( at least 2 blocks vertically ). They are the main source of Leather and meat, and tend to drop some bones.


Boars have tanned brown skin ( also called leather ) and have an extra patch of skin at the top with a darker color. They also have tusks and make the sound of a pig. When it dies, it tends to drop it's own body.

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