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The basic renewable material for construction, used to make furniture and other items.

Type Raw material
Price Wood.png x5   →   1 Coin.png

Wood is a raw resource used in crafting various recipes.


Wood is mainly obtained by chopping down trees and bushes with axes.

Special cases:
Wood waste.png Wood waste from furniture destroyed by monsters will provide 3 or 5 wood.
Dust.png Dust found in underground hidden rooms or from burned furniture may provide 1 wood (50% chance).
Ladder.png Goblin ladders and cave goblin farm fences provide 1 wood.
Wooden Chest.png Chests in biomes:

  • in random places not protected by zombies, may provide, among other resources, 5 to 20 wood; and
  • in a boost room featuring an ore icon when the fog of war still covers the place, will provide, among other resources, 50 wood.

In the Underground World, destroying cave goblin camps will provide:

Cave Goblin Hatch 1.png 5 wood when the small hatch is destroyed;
Cave Goblin Hatch 3.png 10 wood, the large hatch; and
Cave Goblin Main Hut.png 20 wood, the main hut.


Raw wood is used in almost all furniture, constructions, weapons and tools.