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Hunted animal fur is used to make fabric and rope.

Type Raw material
Price 2 Coin

Wool is a raw material acquired by killing or shearing some creatures, and that can be used in several recipes.

Acquiring[ | ]

Hunting[ | ]

Wool may be acquired by hunting these non-hostile animals:

Animal World/Biome
Sheep icon Sheep Forest World/Biome and Snow World
Llama icon Llama Desert World
Caterpillar icon Caterpillar Underground World and Biome

All will drop 1 wool each.

Shearing[ | ]

Wool may also be acquired by catching the animals above with a trap, placing them in a farm and shearing them with scissors.

Fighting[ | ]

In the Snow World
Yeti icon Yetis and
Big Yeti icon Big Yetis
have 10% chance of dropping 1 wool.

Other cases[ | ]

Winter Hat Winter hats in the Snow World, may be disassembled to maybe get one wool.
Wooden Chest Chests in biomes, in radom places not protected by zombies, may provide, among other resources, 1 to 6 pieces of wool.
In the Elven Biome, special plants that inflate emitting light when dwarfs approach them, will drop one wool each plant.

Uses[ | ]

Fabric Fabric
Luxury Bed Luxury Bed
Rope Rope
Thread Thread