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There are three possible world sizes in Craft the World: small, medium and large. This feature is pre-set in the campaign and is customizable while creating custom games[1].

Dimensions in block spaces[ | ]

The table below shows the exact size of generated maps measured in block spaces[2].

Size Width[3] Height[4] Total area[5] World
Small 200 100 20k Forest, Snow and Desert
Medium 250 140 35k Forest, Snow and Desert
Large horizontal 320 160 51,2k Forest, Snow and Desert
vertical 200 250 50k Underground

Note that these three possibilities available for custom games only show up for the 3 firsts worlds — Forest, Snow and Desert. For the Underground World, the sole unlocked size is the Large.

'Horizontal' and 'vertical' are not seen as options on game interface. As the player chooses 'Large' for the 3 firsts worlds, it will generate a "horizontal large" map. And as he/she chooses the 4th World — the Underground World, which is always 'Large' — it will generate a "vertical large" map.

In the Campaign mode[ | ]

In the campaign, each world has a predetermined size being them:

Forest Snow Desert Underground
small medium large

In Custom games[ | ]

This variable will play a major role in custom gameplays. It will affect directly the time needed to find the Portal Pieces, as well as the ressources limitation for players who do want spend an extra time in that world.

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References[ | ]

  1. Available since version 0.9.007
  2. Info collected from the game file: /main/data/templates.xml. Verified for version 1.4.009.
  3. This value includes, for the 3 firsts worlds, the 15 columns of ocean/sky on right and left extremities, where the player can build above, but not under the sea level; and for the 4th World, the column of unbreakable blocks at left and right extremities.
  4. This value includes the 3 lava layers at the bottom and the 5 rows of sky at the top of the map, where the player is not allowed to build anything.
  5. The total block spaces on the map, calculated as 'Width' x 'Height'.