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These absurd creatures come after sunset. Guided by hunger and hatred, they can be dangerous especially in groups. Stay alert!

Attack 0.3
Walking speed 30
Climbing speed 20
Health 5
Life regen 0.166%
Drowning time Red Cross
Icon Zombie icon
Zombie Brain Zombie Brain
Bones Bones (25% chance)

The zombie is an enemy creature that will only spawn on the surface at night.

Characteristics[ | ]

Zombies will try and attack the nearest shelter. Zombies move slowly, but they have moderate health and deal low damage. They are also capable of destroying placed blocks, doors and hatches. A single zombie can destroy a Wooden Door in a matter of minutes, so it is recommended to upgrade to Steel Doors.

Zombies move slowly, but they have moderate health and deal low damage. Zombies pose more of a threat as they feature a knock-back effect when they land a hit, which will throw a dwarf back a small distance. Because of this, it takes longer for dwarves to deal with zombies.

Zombies will burn up at dawn, however, they will not drop any items if they die this way. If a zombie finds its way underground, it will not burn up at dawn.

They tend to drop zombie brains.

The big zombie is a bigger and stronger version of the zombie.

Appearance[ | ]

A zombie looks green and it seems to be wearing a collar that was chained onto something and orange shorts. As zombies walk, a rotting aura follows them. Zombies also has green eyes. When getting burned, a flame animation will be seen near the zombie's stomach part.