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Zombie Armor-Breaker
Zombie Armor-Breaker

A resurrected great warrior crashes enemies with a giant ax.

Attack 0.7
area damage + knockback
Walking speed 60
Climbing speed 35
Health 15
Life regen 0.166%
Drowning time Red Cross
Icon Zombie Armor-Breaker icon
Zombie Brain Zombie Brain
Bones Bone (25% chance)
Slime Slime (10% chance)
Coin Coin (10% chance)

The zombie armor-breaker[1] is a very dangerous[2] hostile creature that may spawn at night from the monsters' portal in all worlds. Its attack has an area damage with a huge knockback effect.

History[ | ]

Game version Release Changes
1.4.010 25 Oct 2017 Improved AI of monsters, now large monsters can also break blocks to clear a passage.
1.4.009 5 May 2017 (Multiplayer) Added spawn cubes for the creative mode with zombie-armorbreakers.
1.4.000 21 Mar 2017 Introduced.

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References[ | ]

  1. As it was annouced on the update 1.4.000, and as it's shown on the bestiary. In the game files it is designated with the following spelling: zombie_armorbreaker.
  2. According to the bestiary classification.